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Celtic’s incoming transfer deadline.

With the deadline round the corner and Celtic having pennies in their pocket from making the group stages, it is a question now of who is out and who may be added.

Celtic have brought in six players this window costing a known £5,000,000 plus  unknown for De Vries.

We have however only recouped a known £1,000,000 for Scepovic and 2 unknowns for Fisher and Johansen totalling six leaving for fees and 3 for free.

Six in, Six out minus the loans. Now we all know what Rodgers first said during his first press conference, and his aim was to trim the fat and work with a smaller team. Considering he is still looking for a least one more, we are all left wondering who is leaving.

There has been plenty and I mean plenty of reports on who is ‘linked’ with leaving and who we are apparently signing; being anyone who has left a respectful club. Most of them are nonsense and the ones that we have signed, we have had no links with until the day before pens started signing checks.

I strongly believe we will sign one more player, and that is only because after De Vries, Rodgers stated two more. Who that is, I would not start to guess until I see reports of them on a plane to Glasgow for a medical.

All I know is that leaves a lot of speculation on who is suddenly finding themselves with a sudden lack of job security. We now have three right backs, who’s getting the chop? We have an amass of midfielders, again, who? The only place with limited options is up front, but considering the goals are coming from everyone, I don’t see that as being Rodgers primary area needing filled.

Another day to go, so lets wait and see.


Hail Hail, below a breakdown of who we have signed.

  1. Ajer – £500,000 01/07/16 (Deila)
  2. Dembele – Free 12/07/16
  3. Toure – Free 25/07/16
  4. Sinclair – £3,500,000 06/08/16
  5. De Vries – Unknown 12/08/16
  6. Gamboa – £1,000,000 30/08/16

One thought on “Celtic’s incoming transfer deadline.

  1. I hope all Celtic fans, worldwide have an exciting transfer deadline day,
    Personally I would like to see a top class ball winner
    In midfield and another striker, plus wee paddy signed permanently, someone like denayer at the back, not looking for much lol

    Liked by 1 person

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